Sunday, November 18, 2012


Here's another pretty November morning in Boston's South End. I like to imagine the artisans who labored to create these beautiful wrought iron railings--ornate, fanciful creations of function and design. There's optimism in these curling shapes. This section of Boston is recognized on the Nat'l Register as the oldest and largest Victorian neighborhood in the country.


  1. I saw this on your fb page the other day and fell madly in love. I don't think architecture and artisans today can come close to the majesty, whimsy, and fantastical as does this Victorian. What the artisans and architect crafted are true works of art.

    I love it! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    I'm an architecture and artisan fanatic. One of my favorite periods, the Victorian era, that lasted for quite a while, is comprised of very diverse and uniquely different works. So detailed and unique.

  2. Love hearing your thoughts about this, Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by here.