Saturday, January 21, 2012

Launch Week links, reviews, news about Night Swim

In NY, visiting with my dear, old friend, Alison Berns Stern Simon
And another, dear old friend, Annie. (That's our hotel room)
It was a fantastic first ten days since Night Swim was released. Starting with my launch party, then a fantastic trip to NYC for a reading as part of the Sunday Salon Reading series, a date with my agent, and visits with very old and wonderful friends. Here are some links to reviews. I am dizzy with travel and meet-ups, and busy-ness. (Can over-excitement cause headaches?) This incomplete list is a way of saying thanks to the reviewers and bloggers who chose to read and write about my novel. I'll be adding to this list in the weeks to come.
Carrie Howland and Scott Cheshire (fabulous writer) attended the reading hosted by the lovely
Sara Lippmann (with a peek of Terese Svoboda in the back, and author Paul Kerschen not in picture)

The New York Times, Newly Released Books (Jan. 19, 2012) review of Night Swim:

"This earnest debut centers on Sarah as she tunnels through new depths of loneliness..."

The Boston Sunday Globe (Jan. 15, 2012):

"Keener's observations perfectly capture..."

Booklist (Dec. 15, 2011)
"Rooted in personal sorrow, this memorable debut will strike a universal chord with readers: "Life was full of befores and afters." --Hazel Rochman

Style Substance Soul Anna March Reviews “Night Swim” 
"Keener is a big talent..."

..Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Jessica Keener "Night Swim"
Night Swim is a masterfully told tale. Dysfunctional family dynamics are revealed in language evocative and honest, and her ...

Maura Lynch reviews Night Swim as if she's lived it!
"In Night Swim, Jessica Keener has brought the Kunitz family to life through the extraordinary first-person narrative of Sarah Kunitz...masterful, awe-inspiring prose is what makes Night Swim such an amazing and exceptional novel."

Books Like Breathing: Review: Night Swim by Jessica Keener  (5 stars)
Review: Night Swim by Jessica Keener. image Publisher: The Fiction Studio ISBN:1936558262. Pages:284 pages. Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary ...

David Gutowski - Jessica Keener creates and discusses a ...
Jessica Keener creates and discusses a music playlist for her debut novel Night Swim. Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Jessica Keener "Night Swim...

BU Today: A Debut Novel nearly two decades in the making "Keener has had a rich and varied literary life..."

Beyond the Margins: Lessons in patience and craft interview conducted by Robin Elizabeth Black who says Night Swim is "an exquisite portrait of a young woman whose upbringing in a troubled academic family has done everything but prepare her for adult life-except that she finds her own ways to survive and grow. Night swim is moving and a little bit harrowing. It's tender and it's also tough as nails."

BethFishReads  Night Swim Review
"Because Night Swim can be read on multiple levels, it's a great choice for book clubs."

SheKnows January Book Review (of Night Swim) (April 2012)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Launch Party at Brookline Booksmith, Jan. 10, 2012

Today feels like the day after my wedding. I'm filled with smiles and gratitude for a perfect launch.  Here's a few pictures that my husband took. Thank you, everyone, for coming and celebrating with me. Apparently, more than 85 or so people showed up.
Setting up

My sister's stupendous idea to put my book cover on the cake!

People arriving. That's Jennifer Haigh in the beret.
Joyce Walsh (L) good friend and BU Professor of graphic design talking with my dear old friend Mark, from college days
Me and my bro!
Ms. Leora Skolkin-Smith, author of the supreme, Hystera, who came  up from NYC!
Crowd scene, old and new friends everywhere
Roger Gordy, who took my author photo, and my 8th grade teacher, the splendid Mr. Kunitz.  Those who came to the reading will know how important he was to me. What a surprise to see him!

The incomparable Evan, events mgr at Brookline Booksmith, introducing me.  Evan is a talented writer. I loved how he captured the essence of my novel in about 50 words.
Author reading
Author answering questions

Thrilled to see Randy Susan Meyers,  Julie Wu and Dawn Tripp!
That's Julie Wu (pic by Randy S. Meyers)

Night Swim book cover on display.

Signing fun! Those flowers are from my other sister, who sent them from California.

Ms. Daphne Kalotay!
My hubbie and his sunny smile (photo by Roger Gordy)
My sister, Lynne, who planned this party and put it all together so beautifully.  Love her!
Closing with a short essay I wrote for my publisher's blog, part 3 of my In a Word Series. Click on the word: "Thanks" 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Launch Day for Night Swim!! January 10, 2012

I am celebrating in every possible way today online and in person, culminating with my launch party at the wonderful Brookline Booksmith in MA, my hometown indie bookstore. Night Swim is available everywhere books are sold, and in every format. I'll be back with links, and pictures of this personally glorious day.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and enthusiasm. It means the world to me.
Outside the bookstore on Sunday
There's Keener.  It's Official.

Checking out the space, a few days before my reading with my husband (r), and my brother-in-law.
behind the counter, my poster!