Friday, April 7, 2017

How To Deal With the World?

Budapest circa 1995
I'm returning to basics--taking walks around the neighborhood with a friend, taking pictures with my cell phone, taking time to tell myself that the reason I started writing back when I was eight years old was to understand the world and to use the beauty of language to ask important questions and seek answers, and also to observe. My father always reminded me that it was important to be observant. I don't know what inspired him to offer that shiny gem, but it managed to light a path in my brain and, more importantly, in my heart, My first book was eight pages long, bound in knitting yarn. My new novel is 300+ pages, yet the impulse is the same: look closely and maybe we will see. I'm also reminding myself that much of life is good. This picture of our son and me in Budapest made me smile. I hope it will make you smile too. I'm also linking to Caroline Leavitt's blog and her stupendous interview with Anne Lamott. Their conversation really speaks to what I need, and what I believe we all need these days: kindness and honesty.…/anne-lamott-talk…