Monday, February 16, 2015

Storm thoughts - winter 2015

I'm not sure a picture is worth a thousand words today because this picture can't tell you how the storm feels when it's spraying against your cheeks and eyes and lips, or what it tastes like--icy metallic on your tongue. But words can. Words can say what your boots feel like when they're sliding over lumpy snow, or how the wind feels against your shoulders when it's nudging you sideways, then bumping you hard a few times for good measure to remind you that you are small in the manner of insignificant. Words can tell you how the storm can blind you if it wants to in a slap of show dust; and how it can yank a shovel out of your hands in a gust of exuberance, tipping you off balance. And, they can tell you how--back inside, warm and feeling safe, soup on the stove--the storm has a wound: your windows are rattling, your walls are humming. The sky is vibrating throughout your house.

The morning after.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Women In Bed, on Sale, $2.99

My publisher is offering the ebook of my collection of nine stories- Women in Bed for $2.99-Click here to download on your ereader, ipad, etc.or email as a gift.

Here's what others have said about Women In Bed: 

"Jessica Keener is a master of immediacy-I started to become intimate with her heroines on the first page of each story." Edith Pearlman, winner of the National Book Critics Award

"Demonstrates a versatile voice and ability to deliver as much exquisite detail as the stories' brevity will allow." Publishers Weekly.

"Poignant, surprising, funny, and gorgeously written." Chosen as one of ten winter reads by Shape magazine 

"Stories are memorable, deep and haunting." Digital Journal

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter comes late and strong

We had more than two feet here in Boston and more is headed our way.  But it's February, a short month, and then I can begin the countdown for spring. In the meantime, from one day to the next the sky fills with snow (on the left) and once it's released and the sun returns, it is extra bright with light reflecting off all the crystalline surfaces on the sidewalks, roads, rooftops.