Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everything in May

This spring came so fast after a slow start, everything is blooming at once. I can't keep up with what's newly showing and I certainly don't care to. It's all a wonderful unleashing of aromas and visuals, and awakenings. Here are a few recent sightings accompanied by short musings of sorts, which I hope you enjoy.
These buds on a tree are so ready.

 A peek inside Harvard Yard, newly greening

What shade of blue or violet, she asks.

Boston Public Garden

From a tulip's point of view in Copley Square

Are Peonies from another planet? This cluster of them on a bush at the end of our street popped open in one day, the size of them otherworldly.

Ethereal? Sometimes I think the humble dandelion gets a bum rap. I read somewhere that they offer bees early spring nourishment (pollen). Dandelion leaves can be used for salads and soups, wine and tea. The flower cycles through a wonderful transformation of color and texture-from deep yellow to this.

Flowering into the sky.