Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Views, artist Chet Jones

I'm not the only one obsessed with houses.  A few years ago I was visiting galleries in Provincetown (Cape Cod) and saw this artist's paintings for the first time. I fell in love and one day I intend to purchase one of his paintings. His name is Chet Jones.  I think his colors are glorious.  They create layers of light, layers of meaning just as our houses do. 

There's a lonely quality here.  Yet I feel the artists' passion, his embrace, his yearning to convey what's unknown inside.

How often have you passed a house and found yourself creating a story about that house and the people inside them? These paintings resonate with hidden stories.  Don't you think?

You can go here and here to see more of Chet Jones' work.  I think his vision is spectacular.