Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salman Rushdie, Boston Book Fest, Cranberry Bogs

Quite a week.

First up: Salman Rushdie talking to 800 or so people who filled the lower and upper pews in Boston's Old South Church. He was introduced by Homi Bhabha and a discussion between the two old friends followed. Salman said a few things that stuck with me. Paraphrasing, he said: books have no boundaries. That truth exploded inside me. It's still exploding inside me. He also cautioned against buying into a "security" point of view (my quotes for emphasis). This is basically a view that anticipates any and all disasters and catastrophes at all times. He said if you buy into that viewpoint you will give up your language of freedom. Again, this sung the truth to me. Basically, a security point of view is one of fear. If we live in fear, we imprison ourselves. Naturally, we have to be cautious and wise, but excessive fear leads to all kinds of shut downs: spiritual and emotional, physical, social. Finally, he read  a gorgeous passage from his memoir, Joseph Anton, and finished by answering a few audience questions.
Salman Rushdie

Next up: all day Saturday in Copley Square celebrating books, readers, the power of story. Lots of book vendors, publishers, writer organizations, food, music & 200 authors, including too many author buddies to name here. Boston is a literary gold mine.I wonder if we have the highest author per square block concentration in the country? Someone needs to do a survey.

Day Crowds
John Hancock building, sky and clouds mingling

Weather was perfecto

Late afternoon, closing time
I shared a panel with novelists Amity Gaige and Miriam Karmel, moderated by Ann Kingman (far r) of Books On the Nightstand.

This describes our panel

Our panel took place inside the Boston Public Library, a truly gorgeous architectural creation.

Copley Sq. entrance to Library
Library's inner courtyard. 

My week wrapped up with a day visit to Cape Cod and the Dennis Memorial Library where I read from Women In Bed and talked with a wonderful group of local folks. Special thanks to my host, Jane McGinnis, Gordon McGinnis, and also Titcomb Bookshop (Sandwich, MA).

Cape Cod Bay at high tide

Cranberry au natural. Cranberries grow low to the ground.

Here, with my lovely host: Jane McGinnis

We talked about the difference between short stories & novels, the writing process, publishing, and more.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Newtonville Books, reading Oct. 9, 2013

Reading at Newtonville Books is a special thrill and one I had the pleasure of sharing with novelist Amy Grace Loyd who may be one of the most energetic, upbeat writers I’ve met in a while. She has a head-turning resume, too, that includes former literary editor at Playboy magazine and current executive editor for Byliner. 

This bookstore is beautifully designed with warm woods and a delightful front desk made of real, stacked books (see pic below). The store recently celebrated its fifteen-year anniversary.

Our books: Women In Bed, Night Swim & The Affairs of Others
See the desk made of books (left corner)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Women In Bed, release party, Oct. 1 Brookline Booksmith

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate my new story collection.

Thanks to everyone who came out on a week night!

reading from the opening story "Secrets"

Yakking with my sister

Finally met my publisher, Lou Aronica, head honcho at The Story Plant
Lovely bouquet sent from my mom and sister who live in California