Friday, February 24, 2012

Super thanks to TLC Book Tours, which hosted 19 reviews of Night Swim over the past month. Today’s review (and quote below) from The House of Seven Tails, reps the tail end of this tour. It’s been a wonderful run.
Night Swim manuscript pages pre-publication with lots of stickies to flag edits

 "It’s hard to believe this gripping, amazing novel is Keener’s debut. Her beautiful prose is exquisite and mesmerizing, absorbing you into the story immediately and keeping you hooked even when Sarah’s emotion and confusion becomes too painful or Leonard’s behavior too selfish. Keener has created an exceptional, very real character in Sarah, one whom many of us can identify with and relate to as she fights to become a woman she can be proud of...I highly recommend Night Swim especially to readers who understand the pain of losing a loved one and the struggle to find a connection to them after they are physically gone from your life. "