Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014 wrap up

Beauty dangling on a thread.

Photo: Beauty dangling on a thread.

What surprises are on the way to you?

Photo: What surprises are on their way to you?

Photo: Friday has a feeling of promise in it, the promise of the upcoming weekend, the promise of the end of the week.

Photo: I'm halfway through Wally Lamb's stupendous novel: She's Come Undone and am stunned by the urgency of teenager Dolores; how every sentence drives madly forward, desperate, angry, battling, shattered as she fights for her life and for love. Have you read it?

Ferns on a Saturday walk in Boston
Photo: Ferns--on a Saturday walk.

Did you know that the name for Iris comes from the Greek word for rainbow?
Photo: Did you know that this flower--called Iris--comes from the Greek word for rainbow? (I didn't.)

This fledgling robin spotted in our yard, then later seen scurrying across the road, then later still I saw Parent robin feeding him/her a meal.  Leaving the nest is an exciting and vulnerable time.

Photo: A fledgling robin! Spotted him/her in this bush in our yard, and later, scurrying across the road after making an attempt to fly, and later, getting fed by parent Robin. Leaving the nest is such an exciting and vulnerable time.

Photo: Just read the opening pages of  Gina Frangello author's new novel, A Life In Men, and can tell I am going to love it. What are you reading?