Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Views, artist Chet Jones

I'm not the only one obsessed with houses.  A few years ago I was visiting galleries in Provincetown (Cape Cod) and saw this artist's paintings for the first time. I fell in love and one day I intend to purchase one of his paintings. His name is Chet Jones.  I think his colors are glorious.  They create layers of light, layers of meaning just as our houses do. 

There's a lonely quality here.  Yet I feel the artists' passion, his embrace, his yearning to convey what's unknown inside.

How often have you passed a house and found yourself creating a story about that house and the people inside them? These paintings resonate with hidden stories.  Don't you think?

You can go here and here to see more of Chet Jones' work.  I think his vision is spectacular.


  1. Oh, these are breathtaking and I agree, they do tell a powerful story. I was similarly affected by an artist named Lindsey Leavell and I am determined to buy one of her paintings. The question is: Do I opt for the affordable print or save my money for the real thing? I honestly would get a ton of pleasure from the print, so why deprive myself? Seeing this just gave me the incentive. http://www.lindseyleavell.com/gallery.html

    And yeah, I do agree Chet's work is spectacular, and he's definitely on my list when I sell my first book to Hollywood.

    Another beautiful post, Jessica. xo

  2. Robin,
    Thank you for putting a link to Lindsey Leavell's work. I do think starting with a print is a great way to go. And I agree with you--why deprive yourself? Art in the home is a perfect partnership. My walls are covered with original art work.

  3. So lovely and achey in the heart! Thanks for sharing these, Jessica.

  4. There's something so deeply inviting about the houses and gardens in Provincetown that sometimes I have to remind myself that they're not works of art. They're people's homes! Usually, that's when I catch myself about to snap a picture of someone's window or door, porch or trellis.

    I was in the same gallery this weekend (yes, we were so close!) but will have to return to see Chet Jones at the end of the month.

  5. Patry,
    Do you think we walked by each other? It was crowded last weekend.

    Funny that you mention returning to this gallery. You're right, he's got a show at the end of the month and I would really like to be there, too.

    I think there's also something real, mystical and elusive about Provincetown light and Mr. Chet Jones is working it into his colors.

  6. Jessica, I love this artist's renderings of color and character, shapes of solitary houses. Alive with whimsy and warmth. The black and whites tell another story... I enjoyed his paintings as much as looking through the window in soft pastels that you had posted.

    Thank you for sharing your photo and links to this artist.

  7. Brenda,
    Thanks for your thoughts here. Much appreciated.

  8. They're beautiful - thank you.

  9. These renderings remind me of Thoreau or Frost. They convey happy solitude in a not uncomfortable winter. I think the glow that can be seen offsets the frigidity. I like to think of looking at them in a study, in a comfy chair, with a hot cup of tea.

  10. Jaimee,
    Welcome! Thanks for adding to this conversation and offering your wonderful observations.

    Hi, Billie--happy you like them.

  11. Absolutely stunning. I would love to see the originals. Thanks for sharing these.


  12. Tish,

    I think we'll have to attend his opening in Provincetown (Aug. 20 to September 1).

    Actually, I'd love to interview him.

  13. Jennifer JeffersonAugust 4, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Oh Jessica, I love these--they are magical! The colors are so lovely and the designs make me feel both happy and poignant. Thanks for sharing these!


  14. Jennifer,

    Yes. Agree totally! Magical and poignant.

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