Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doors and Doorways

My fetish for doors and doorways has not abated. I can't get enough of the variety and intrigue that these architectural beginnings and endings inspire in me. I wonder about all those lives passing through them--what stories have these doors witnessed? In my walk through Boston yesterday, I was once again arrested by this city's private and public entrances, their beautiful designs. Here's a tiny sampling (because my camera's battery ran out).

I love how doors announce things. Are they welcoming or not? What do they say about the building, about the people who live inside? What do they tell us about their neighborhoods?

What's leading up to those doors?

Are they simple? Symmetrical? Honest? Old or new?
 What's their history? In the picture below, can you guess what this rather grand entrance used to lead to? Hint: this building is located outside Copley Square in Boston. I know I was surprised by the answer.


  1. I don't know how I didn't find this blog before -- just now I did by finding your post at your website. Yes, perpetual search for home for me too -- after being brought up all over the world. GREAT blog!

  2. HI, Julia. So glad to meet you here. Would love to hear where you grew up? What worldly places? Thanks for coming by.

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