Monday, November 26, 2012

Please Sterilize Immediately...Thank you.

"Yesterday was difficult for awhile. Occasionally, thoughts such as is this worth I want to continue crossed my mind. I think it's important that at those times my thoughts need to be more in the line of: I'll get through this. It will pass. The pleasant, painless times are easy. It's the uncomfortable times that need my strength and conviction."

From my Bone Marrow Transplant journal (November 1979)
LAF=Laminar Air Flow (isolation room originally created by NASA for outer space travel)
Jessica Brilliant=Jessica Keener

From Nov. 1979, Journal--"One cannot remove anxiety by arguing it away" and "when astray--your wanderings are limitless." These quotes are from Paul Tillich's: The Courage To Be. Less eloquent are my four words in red: -- CALL THERAPIST IN MORNING

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