Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Latkes Lessons anyone?

What's more delicious than Latkes, which are really pancakes made of shredded potatoes, onions, egg and a touch of corn flour, patted together and fried in hot olive oil? Not much in our opinion. Tonight, my son peeled. My husband sliced onions, and I mostly watched, then happily sat down to eat the scrumptious results.
These are the potatoes, peeled and sliced thin  a la  food processor.

These are  the sliced onions. I think they look like a strange fish cut in half. 

Must drain liquid from the sliced potatoes. We used Maine potatoes. 

Wrap sliced potatoes in a clean dish towel and keep squeezing out that excess liquid.

Ready to begin forming pancakes after potatoes, onions,  egg and touch of flour are added. (My son used corn flour. It worked great.)

Plate full of heaven with a side of candle lights. Happy Chanukah!
P.S. Sour cream and  applesauce also required!

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