Thursday, January 17, 2013

When Plans Change

When plans change, the unexpected can bring something more wonderful than you would have imagined.  These pictures of the Italian Alps are from 1990s. My husband and I went to Europe to ski one winter. When we arrived, we learned that most of the ski slopes were closed due to lack of snow! Funny. We didn't plan on that. We soon discovered these breathtaking walking trails into the mountaintops and clouds.What a memorable experience.

And a tiny town with less than 200 residents.


  1. Nice! I love those unexpected times, too. Funny, I've been to the Alps a couple of times -- both times buried in snow -- and I don't ski!

    1. That's funny, Julia. They are beautiful either way, aren't they?

  2. Hmm..the real experiences come your way when you are unprepared for them..

  3. Hmm..The real experiences come your way when you are least prepared for them..