Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Recap:Re-cycled flowers, Escher, birds, sky, clouds, Grub St.

RE-cycling flowers. Do you do this? Cut stems, put in new vases, refresh them to make them last as long as possible? Here's a bouquet that's almost 2 weeks old, now on our kitchen windowsill. This is a good time for all words beginning with RE: revise, revisit, return, remember, retreat. (For astrology fans, mercury is in re-trograde until mid-March.)

Purim and bluish snow. When now looks blue or when things take on different appearances. Purim, for instance, is when Jews don silly costumes and masks, make noise and celebrate with bountiful abandonment. Queen Esther outwits even Haman, who tried to annihilate the Jews. Here's a link that explains a bit. 

Passed this striking, Escher-like view near the old Christian Science Center in Boston and thought it expressed one of many sensations I feel when revising a  novel.

Afternoon light, Thursday, with birds.

A view from Grub Street offices, across from Boston Commons.  Grub Street is the second largest independent center for creative writing in the U.S.  Stellar place. Here's a link to learn more about its many services: http://www.grubstreet.org

Wonder sky with cars at dusk. Everything and everyone going somewhere.

 One more sky (because its possibilities are endless).

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