Sunday, February 8, 2015

Women In Bed, on Sale, $2.99

My publisher is offering the ebook of my collection of nine stories- Women in Bed for $2.99-Click here to download on your ereader, ipad, etc.or email as a gift.

Here's what others have said about Women In Bed: 

"Jessica Keener is a master of immediacy-I started to become intimate with her heroines on the first page of each story." Edith Pearlman, winner of the National Book Critics Award

"Demonstrates a versatile voice and ability to deliver as much exquisite detail as the stories' brevity will allow." Publishers Weekly.

"Poignant, surprising, funny, and gorgeously written." Chosen as one of ten winter reads by Shape magazine 

"Stories are memorable, deep and haunting." Digital Journal

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